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[APH-Fanart] Happy Valentine!

I know it's late but happy valentine everyone!
since I like this couple so much (PruXHun), I decide to draw them together for this year valentine XD
for the second fanart I was Inspired by some popular anime about maid... so here is the result! he he... ;)
I hope you like my fanart. Happy Valentine!

my newest pic

Once again I want to draw about Indonesia girl in the past, with Batik too and I tried drawing with something different kind-a-style ... but the result was...like this...(I hope)this will be the last style I ever created, because it's embarrassing me......somehow...... (*^-^*)

[APH-Fandom] Komodo Story

perhaps my fandom not as good as fandom of all talented comic artist in lj, but I'm doing this fandom with so much fun Because I really like the Axis powers Hetalia, and I hope this story not confusing to you all. oh yeah, and sorry for any mistake on my english okay? :D

Title : Let's talk about Komodo
Characters : America, Netherlands, and Local ;p
Rating : PG
Summary : About America meet Komodo for the first time, or something like that he he... :D


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my new pic

I created this image with Mangastudio and SAI. I want to describe the atmosphere of Indonesia in the past with a few modifications, with manga style ;) so, this picture not very accurate. Although not so perfect but I like the green atmosphere in this picture.

Photoshop practice#1

APH : [Fanart] England